Note: In order to join a group on GCconnex you must have a GCconnex account. If you do not have an account visit.. How to register for a GCconnex account 



How do I join a group on GCconnex?

Find a group you would like to join (for more information on searching for GCconnex groups visit.. How do I search for groups or sub groups?



 Click on the name of the group to view the group profile and information.  


 If you are viewing an open group, click the Join Group button to join the group.




If you are viewing a closed group, click the Request membership button to send a membership request to the group administrator. If the group administrator approves your request, you will then become a member of the group.




How to join a sub-group

Sub-groups are groups that exist within another "parent group". In order to join a sub-group, you must first be a member of the "parent group". (Note: Some sub-groups may be closed despite the parent being an open group. In these cases, you must request to join the sub-group.)




Accept an invitation to join a group

If you've received an invitation to join a group, you can find this invitation on the Groups page:


Click on the Groups tab in the site activity bar.




Click on Invitations to view your group invitations.



Join a group using information received in an email

If you receive an email invitation to join a GCconnex group, click the invitation link in the email to be brought to the Invitations page.


Accept or Decline the group invitation.