1. In your browser, go to https://gcconnex.gc.ca/
  2. Select language of choice, then click Register.
  3. Fill out the registration form. (Note: only emails ending in Canada.ca and .gc.ca will be accepted. If your Government email address is different and you have received an “invalid email notice”, please send a ticket to the GCTools help desk using the form on the Contact Us page).
  4. After you complete the registration form (including all mandatory fields) and click on Register, you must wait for a validation email before you are able to log in and use GCconnex.
  5. Once you receive the validation email, click the validation link provided in the email – do not reply to the email!
  6. Once your account is validated you can log onto GCConnex.

Tip: when logging in to your GCconnex account, you may use your system generated username or email interchangeably

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