Using the main Search bar (top right)

The Search bar on the top right-hand corner of GCconnex searches the entire site. Type in any keywords and click the search icon or press enter. This will bring you to a new page with your search results. 

You can filter this search by source (platform) or by different functions on GCconnex, using the items listed in the bar on the right. 

Note: This search field redirects you to the Google Search Appliance which is separate from the GCconnex database. In some circumstances (i.e. closed groups) certain results will not appear when using this search. This search function is also not tailored to your account, so you won't see closed groups even if you are a member.

Using group search

On the Groups page you can search for specific groups on GCconnex:

  1. Click Groups on the top navigation bar. 
  2. Locate the Search for Groups box. 
  3. Type in keywords.
  4. Click Go.

Note: Because this search uses the GCconnex database and is tailored to your account, closed groups that you are a member of will appear in the results. 

Using search on the Opportunities Platform

On the Career Connexions Opportunities Platform, you can search for specific opportunities:

  1. Locate the Search box on top of the opportunity listings.
  2. Type in your keywords and click Search


  1. Click Advanced Search 
  2. Add your criteria using the drop-down menus
  3. Type in your keywords or select a drop-down item for each criteria. 
  4. When all your desired criteria are filled in, click Search.