Auto-subscription to content

On GCconnex, you will automatically be subscribed to notifications (both on site and by email) when you:  

  1.   Create new content 
    You will receive notifications related to the content you create when someone adds a comment or replies to it (e.g. comments  on a blog or  file, reply to a discussion topics, etc.). These notifications can be managed from the “Personal Notifications” section.
  2.   Join a group 
    After joining a group, you will start receiving notifications related to all new content added to that group, such as a new blog post, a new discussion topic, a new page, etc. These notifications can be managed from the “Group Notifications” section.
You will not receive notifications for subsequent comments/replies made on that content unless you:
  •  Manually subscribe to the content using the bell icon; 
  •  You post a comment about that content; 
  •  Post a reply to that content; 
  •  Share that content.

Note: you will not receive notifications related content that you “like” or “share”. These notifications can be managed from the “Other Content Subscriptions” section

Subscribing to specific content from a page

On GCconnex, you also have the option to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to notifications directly from the page you are viewing.

  1. Go to the content of interest
  2. Click on the bell icon: 
    • to subscribe - the bell will become a solid colour

      solid bell indicating subscription to content

    • to unsubscribe - the bell will become greyed out with a line going across
      1. Greyed out bell with strike-through indication unsubscription of content