Sharing incorrect or outdated information can happen anywhere, not just on the GCTools. 

As employees communicate and collaborate, it becomes much easier to spot mistakes, pieces of misinformation, and other inaccuracies. In theory, the more we all use GCpedia, GCconnex, and GCcollab, the more likely the information there will be more up-to-date and relevant than information we find in more traditional sources (as Wikipedia has proven to us in the world of encyclopaedias!). 

If you have doubts about the accuracy, we encourage you to edit the page or start a conversation about it. Trust your instinct, and confirm with a reliable source. Then edit the page for the benefit of other users. In case of disagreement with the original author, don’t get into  a “flame war”. Do as you would do during a meeting or an informal conversation in the kitchen: agree to disagree.


People will understand that any content on the GCTools is not from an authoritative source and should be taken as is it: a work in progress. 

The GCTools team does not centrally monitor content posted on GCpedia, GCconnex, GCcollab. All teams or committees have to set their own engagement rules as to who will monitor content posted within their groups or pages.