This function is only available to the group owner and group operators.


As a group owner or operator, you can remove members from your GCconnex group. You can also invite GCconnex users or non-users to your group.  



How to Remove a Group Member 


Go to your group. 

In the Group members box on the main Group page, click View all members.



Enter name of the group member you wish to remove in the Filter items box or scroll down until you see the name.  


Click Remove from group. The removed member will not be notified. 



Inviting someone to your group who doesn’t yet have a GCconnex account:

 For someone to join your group, they will need to create an account on GCcollab. You can easily invite them to join GCconnex and join your group from the same invitation. 


On your group activity page, click on the Settings icon that is located on the right of the page. 


Then, choose Invite users to the group from the drop-down menu.





On this page, select the tab Using email address. (Note: as they are not yet users of GCconnex, you can only invite them using their email address.)




 Enter the email address(es) separated by semicolons and include a personalized message of your choice (optional).


(Note: If you are inviting someone for a second time (or more), select the checkbox Resend invitations to users who have already been invited. Note that this will only resend the invitation to the people whose email address(es) are included in this invitation.) 


 Select Invite.

 Congratulations! You have successfully sent your invitation.



Inviting someone to your group who is already a GCconnex user

 You can easily invite an existing GCconnex user to join your group. 


Start on the activity page of your group. 


Once on the activity page click on the invite button or click the settings icon, located on the right side of the homepage. This will reveal a drop-down menu. Select Invite Members






Select between: 

  • My Colleagues: If you have already added the person as your colleague, you can place a checkmark the ones that you want to invite.
  • Find user(s): Type in the name of the user you would like to invite. Their name should appear as a drop-down box. It is recommended that you double check to ensure that you are inviting the correct user. 
  • Using e-mail address: Type in the email address of the user you would like to invite.






 Once you have selected the individual(s) that you wish to invite, you may add a personal note (this is optional).


Click Invite.


Congratulations! You have successfully sent your invitation.