Jobs Marketplace is a public service-wide forum, created within GCconnex, that enables employees to network professionally across departments. Jobs Marketplace is intended for at-level mobility (e.g. indeterminate and term deployments, secondments, and assignments), as well as casual employment, students seeking employment opportunities, micro-mission opportunities as well as a reference page to other sources of talent that managers and HR professionals may wish to explore, including active pools from other departments. Jobs Marketplace can also be used as a tool to facilitate alternations during workforce adjustment situations.

 Jobs Marketplace facilitates people management by improving access for managers to inventories of motivated employees ready and willing to take on new challenges. It also enables employee engagement, discussion and learning, both through the potential opportunities that Jobs Marketplace offers, and through the use of the tool itself.

The Jobs Marketplace has a new automated matching tool, the Career ConneXions Opportunities Platform. This is a tool that quickly matches at-level mobility (i.e. micro-missions and job swapping) and development (i.e. mentoring and job shadowing) opportunities with talented employees by leveraging the content in employees’ GCconnex profiles. Employees are encouraged to “opt in” to the professional development and at-level mobility opportunities in their profiles to take full advantage of this tool.

Jobs Marketplace is being enhanced to make it a one-stop shop for managers and employees to navigate new features for public service staffing, resourcing and development. Check Jobs Marketplace regularly to take advantage of the new features and information! 

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