Enhance Team Dynamics

By using GCconnex, users are able to make suggestions, interact openly and surface issues and ideas to improve their work and the work environment. Users can search and find like-minded individuals and enhance collaboration, networking and best practices, while contributing to the creation of stronger communities. Additionally, by responding to requests or promoting their knowledge, they can engage their passions, sometimes outside of the formal boundaries of their roles.

Effective Meetings

GCconnex can help enhance effective meetings, facilitate people working and collaborate on projects in between meetings. Using a GCconnex group and/or the chatroom functionalities, meetings can take place virtually.

Share Content

GCconnex can be a great place to draft, store, and distribute meeting agendas and minutes, thereby improving sharing and access to these documents or tools across worksites and regions. In addition, users can upload related materials such as presentations and handouts, keeping everything together. By using group discussions, no one gets left out of email chains, reply-to-all discussions stop clogging your email and you have a single record of all contributions.

Centralize Content

GCconnex can be used to centralize the information and organization of an entire project. Not only could it store meeting notes and provide brainstorming space, it can organize a project into an open environment with two-way communication. By putting key documents on GCconnex and encouraging open collaboration, this reduces the risk of key documents being lost in someone’s email folder or losing key information when a contributor moves on.

Manage Knowledge and Organize Your Team

Maintaining team information within a GCconnex group enables new employees or team members to easily access information, eliminating redundant processes, such as having someone email them the information. Because of the group functionality, it is easy for someone new to identify their new teammates, send messages, ask questions to the group, and read earlier discussions, etc. GCconnex can be your one-stop location for information and collaboration.

There are many ways to begin participating on GCconnex. Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Join a group and participate in the group’s discussions – you’ll find people whose ideas you agree with, and others who might challenge some of your thinking. If you decide you’d like to continue a conversation with just one individual, making them a colleague will give you the option to chat with them in real time or receive notification messages of their GCconnex activity.

  • Comment on postings on The Wire – answer a question or support a comment with a “thumbs up”. Expressing yourself online may feel odd at first, so start with small steps if you need to. It will become second nature as you continue.

  • Post on "The Wire" - an article, a news item, an observation of 250 characters or less (like Twitter – but internal to the GC). Your post will allow others to know a bit about what you’re interested in.

  • Share your thoughts in groups you belong to, or write a blog to share.

  • Ask questions, respond to people - don't be afraid to show what you don't know, and show what you do know - share your expertise.

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