GCconnex users can organize their uploaded files into file folders. This not only keeps your files organized under specific categories, it also helps in making your uploaded files easier to navigate for yourself, and other GCconnex users.  

Creating File folders


You may wish to create folders or subfolders to organize the files you upload.


You can do so in a group or within GCconnex as a whole. Go to your profile or group and select the Files tab. 




 Click on New file folder.


A window will pop up where you are to provide the following information:



  • Title: the name of the folder that you are creating
  • Description: a general description of the content in the folder
  • Select a parent folder: Select the folder location. It will be Main folder by default, but you may be able to choose another folder.
  • Access: the folder access settings
    • Only Me
    • Colleagues on GCconnex
    • All public servants 


Click Save. Now your folder is created.



How to Move Files and Folders 

Once you have created files and file folders, you may wish to move files from one folder to another. 

To do so, go to My Profile.  

Then, click on the Files tab. 


Click View All



To move files or folders, select the boxes that are next to the files and folders that you wish to move. 

Then, click Move Selected.



You will be prompted to select a new location for the folder or file. Once you have selected this, the file or folder is now successfully moved!