The Career Marketplace on GCconnex houses an array of different types of opportunities. The tool is designed to enable easy and fast interdepartmental resourcing and career development opportunities across the Public Service. 

Find the definition of each opportunity below:

Micro-Missions    A short-term, voluntary and task-based opportunity for employees interested in showcasing their skills and building networks outside of their daily work activities.     
A personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced, or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experiences, or less knowledgeable person. 
Job Shadowing    
An opportunity to follow and observe an employee with a different job for a short period of time to observe the performance of his or her duties. 
Job Swap    
When two employees from eligible departments who are at the same or equivalent occupational group and level , are qualified to do each other's duties as determined by the respective managers, and have the same terms and conditions of employment exchange positions through two deployment, assignment, or secondment processes.     
Job Rotation
An opportunity for three or more employees at equivalent levels to exchange positions for a relatively short time to learn about different types of work. 
Job Sharing
An employment arrangement where two employees are working on a part-time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one full-time employee.     
Skill Sharing
Involves imparting or using knowledge, skills and experience through informal or formal training, or to help complete a project or task. 
Peer Coaching
A developmental tool which provides an individual with tips and advice on methods to strengthen and improve their abilities, knowledge and skills in preparation for a specific professional challenge. 
Alternation is a switch between one employee affected by the workforce adjustment or career transition situation who wishes to remain in the Public Service and another unaffected employee who wishes to leave. 
Secondments (interdepartmental) and assignments (intradepartmental) are both temporary lateral movements of an employee to perform the functions of a position that already exists or to take on a special project. 
A transfer of a person from one position to another. It does not constitute a promotion or change a person's period of employment from a specified
term to indeterminate. 

Please note that the GCcollab Career Marketplace supports different types of opportunities designed for external audiences - such as Student Integration, Casual Employment and Interchange Assignments.