The rules that apply in the “offline” world apply in the “online” world.

Here is a rule of thumb: if you would make a reservation of a board/meeting room at work for your group, then you may create a group in GCconnex. If you would be comfortable using other "work tools" (emails, boardroom, etc.) provided by the employer to share the same information, without getting into trouble with your management, then GCconnex is perfectly fine. You’re just bringing the conversation somewhere else, on another work tool.  For example:  

  •  Curling club that meets outside of work? No GCconnex group. 
  •  Book club on work-related topics, OL practice during lunch? A GCconnex group is OK.
  •  Health and wellness activities (a meditation group for example) – even after-hours? Yes, if they are supported through internal committees or workplace initiatives. 

As long as the group is supported by the workplace

The permissible uses above of GCconnex would actually make a lot of sense, since this kind of group would be a great place to put the required resources that new members to your group would need to get started (instead of having to email them separately each time a new member joins), calendar items for lunchtime sessions (which would avoid email overload), and members would have the flexibility to share articles or other information related to the topic.

You may also use the Code of Values and Ethics as a guide.