The Career Marketplace is a useful tool that quickly matches at-level mobility (i.e. micro-missions and job swapping) and development (i.e. mentoring and job shadowing) opportunities with employees by leveraging the content in employees’ GCconnex profiles. Employees are encouraged to opt into the professional development and at-level mobility opportunities in their profiles to take full advantage of this tool.


To search for opportunities in the Career Marketplace:

Using the navigation menu at the top of the GCconnex home page, go to the Career tab and select Career Marketplace from the drop-down menu. 

Graphical user interface

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To search for an opportunity, type a title, opportunity or description in the Search for Opportunities field. 

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Browse the search results for an opportunity that interests you. Click View on an opportunity tile for additional details such as position length, application timeframe, and necessary qualifications for the posting. If you find an opportunity that interests you, (and for which you are qualified and available), apply to the opportunity by clicking Apply

*If an email address is provided in the poster, it is strongly advised that you also apply via email.