• You will receive notifications via GCconnex when someone applies to your opportunity. You will also see a red icon in the top right corner of your opportunity's tile indicating how many applicants have applied to your opportunity.

    1. red icon with the number 2 in the corner of an opportunity
  • You may choose to Offer your opportunity to the applicant(s), or Remove them as a potential candidate. The applicant will receive an automatic notification of the action.

Applicant Example, with offer and remove buttons


  • You may only offer your opportunity to the same number of candidates as there are available opportunities.
  • Once you have offered your opportunity to an applicant, he or she will either Accept or Decline your offer, and you will be notified of their action.
  • Once a participant accepts your opportunity, contact them to coordinate the work.
  • Upon completion of the opportunity, click the Complete button to close the opportunity posting. The system will automatically log this action in the analytics tool.

complete button