Usernames are in the format of FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME. In some cases, numbers are added at the end. If you do not remember your username, do not worry and  there is no need to create another account . GCconnex allows you to easily retrieve your username. 

  1. Go to More in the top right corner and click on Members.
    1. the members button in the main navigation
  2. Type in your name in the Search members box.
    1. the Search members box
  3.  Find your profile among the search results and click on the link.
    1. notice box
      If you cannot find your user profile in the search results, please send a ticket to the GCTools help desk using the form on the Contact Us page. 

  4.  Retrieve your GCconnex username from the last section in the URL, as circled in the image below. In this case, the username is Gabrielle.Hubert.

    where in the URL to find your username

  5. Sign into your GCconnex account using your retrieved username.