A GCTools Ambassador is a volunteer from a government department or region who promotes GCconnex, Gcpedia, and GCcollab by providing support to departmental or regional teams in understanding how the GCTools can enhance their work.

In 2016-2017, the Ambassadors Network consisted of 240 ambassadors located in 50 departments and regions.

The role of a GCTools Ambassador is to:

  • Promote the GCTools within their organization, communities and across the Public Service

  • Be willing to proactively seek out opportunities to promote the GCTools

  • Relay the feedback you get from the audiences to us

  • Build your own network of ambassadors within your organization (it is more fun if you aren’t doing it alone!)

How to get involved:

  • Obtain approval from your manager as being part of the GCTools Ambassadors Network will involve some of your time during business hours. Request to join the GCconnex closed group

  • Add your name to the Ambassadors' list

  • Register to one of the orientation sessions (see Event Calendar for dates and registration)

  • Add the Ambassador badge to your GCconnex avatar

  • Add the GC Tools Ambassador Userbox to your GCpedia profile.

How to find an Ambassador: Refer to our Find an Ambassador page.

No Ambassador in your organization? Contact our Help Desk.

For more information, please see our Ambassadors Network page.