Ideas allow members to submit, comment on, and vote on ideas within a group. If you are a group owner or operator, you have the option of activating this feature in your group.

How to activate Group ideas (for group owner and operators only)

  1.  Go to Settings and click Edit groupThe Edit Group option under the settings menu

  2.  Click Tools tab
    The tools tab, with the enable ideas box checked
  3.  Check Enable ideas

How to set the description of your ideas page

You can add a description to your ideas page (optional).

  1.  Go to the Ideas tab of your group
  2.  Click Settings 

    The settings button of an idea page

  3.  Write a description.
  4.  Click Save

Your description will appear. If you would like to modify it, click Settings again. 

How to add an idea

  1.  Go to the main page of your group
  2.  Click More to see a drop-down menu 
  3.  Click Ideas
  4.  Click on Submit your new idea
    1. Submit a new idea button
  5. Type your idea into the search bar.
  6. When you are done, click on submit a new idea. 
  7. Write a Description. 
  8. Add Tags (Note: tags are keywords that are associated with your idea and make your idea searchable/easier to find).
  9. Click Save.The idea form, including title, description, tags and save button