The message board is a great way to interact with other users on GCconnex! The message board is a widget that lets user put a message board on their profile. Other users can post messages that will appear on the message board. You can then reply directly to any message and view the history between yourself and the person posting the message.

How to set up a message board in your profile

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right
    1. User menu.JPG
  2.  Click on My Profile 
  3.  Go to the Widgets tab and click on Add widgets
    1. the "add widgets" button under the widgets tab of a user profile
  4.  Scroll down until you see Message board then click on Add widget
    1. adding the message board widget
  5.  Close the window
  6. You see a message board appear in your profile. 

How to use the message board

  1. Go to the profile of the GCconnex member.
  2.  Switch to the Widgets tab
  3.  Locate the Messsage board widget 
  4.  Type in your message in the blank space 
  5.  Click on Post when finished. 

    posting a message

  6. You will see your message posted!  

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