Syncing your GCconnex and GCdirectory profiles is a great way to keep your information consistent and up-to-date across profiles.

Note: By syncing with GCdirectory, the information you select to sync, as well as your office and organization information, will be imported from GCdirectory to update your GCconnex profile. This information is copied the moment you click Save and will not update automatically if your GCdirectory information changes unless you select the sync option again. 

Additionally, once the accounts are linked, some information in your GCconnex profile will be pulled from GCconnex each time your GCdirectory profile is loaded. Your GCdirectory profile page will display the following information from GCconnex when set to a visibility level of “public”: About Me, Education, Work Experience, and Second Language Evaluations. 

If you do not wish for a section of your GCconnex profile to appear on GCdirectory you can set it to a more restrictive option by clicking Edit in the section of your profile whose visibility you would like to change. This will also limit what information other GCconnex members can see in your profile. 

Your Avatar and Skills section will always be displayed in your GCdirectory profile. 

The preceding only applies to the internal version of GCdirectory (formerly GEDS 2.0) that is only visible to public servants. None of the information in your GCconnex profile will ever appear on the public-facing website, regardless of the privacy settings in GCconnex.

notice box
WARNING! Once synced, there is no way for this to be reverted. 

Step 1: Log on to GCdirectory (you must do this before logging into GCconnex).

  1. Go to GCdirectory
  2.  In its top menu, click on My Profile
  3.  Select Log in and follow the instructions to log in using your myKEY. 

    GCdirectory log in button

Step 2: Log on to GCconnex.

  1.  Click on your name on the top right. 
  2.  A profile card will open, select My Profile

    Accessing your user profile

  3.  In the profile page, select Sync with GCdirectory.

    Sync with GCdirectory button

  4.  The system will look for your information in GCdirectory. If the system is successful at finding your account, and the information is accurate, select Yes to continue.

Note: If the information is incorrect, ensure your email address is up to date in your GCconnex settings. To update your GCdirectory information, see the instructions available on the GCdirectory website.

 GCdirectory information confirmation box

 Select the fields you would like to sync, and select Save

Select items to sync box