Your Dashboard lets you track the activity and content on GCconnex that is of interest to you. This is not the same as your profile. Your profile is meant to be viewed by others, where your Dashboard is a space for you to customize to meet your needs. 

Customizing your Dashboard

  1. Access your Dashboard by selecting Dashboard from GCconnex's main navigation menu.
  2. Add or remove widgets from your dashboard by selecting Add widgets. Note: For more information on how to configure widgets, see the "How do I add and configure widgets?" tutorial

      3. You may arrange widgets by dragging and dropping them.

Setting your Dashboard as your Landing page

When you log on to GCconnex, you can choose to have your landing page your Dashboard or News Feed. To set your landing page: 

  1.  Click on your profile icon. From your profile card, select Account Settings

  1.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a menu called Landing page.
  2.  Use the drop down menu to choose between your Dashboard or News Feed.
  3.  Save your preference by selecting Save.

Tip: Please note that we do offer accessibility functions. Different items on the page, such as widgets, may be selected with the Tab key. You may select a highlighted item with the Enter key. Widgets, in particular, may be moved using the arrow keys once selected. 

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