In GCconnex, you can upload a wide variety of content types including photos, documents, audio files, videos, PDFs and more. This can be done within a group or made available GCconnex-wide.

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To ensure a smooth upload of your files to GCconnex, it is recommended that you do not exceed 10 uploads at a time.

Where to find Files in GCconnex


  1. In GCconnex's top navigation bar, click More in the top right corner that will open up a drop-down menu. 
  2. Select Files from this drop-down menu.

    1. where to find the files button in the navigation bar
  3. Below the page title All site files, there are three tabs including:

The files tabs: all, mine, colleagues

  • All - displays all files that exist on GCconnex, and is the default display.
  • Mine - displays all the files or file folders that you may have previously uploaded or created.
  • Colleagues - displays all the files or file folders that your colleagues have uploaded or created.

In a Group

  1. Go to your Group's main page 
  2. Click on Files
    1. Where to find the files tab

Creating file folders

You can organize the files you upload by creating folders and subfolders.  

  1.  In Files page, go to the Mine tab or in a Group, click on Upload a file
  2.  Click on New file folder

    the new file folder button

  3.  A window will pop up where you are to provide the following information:
    • Title: Provide the name of the folder that you are creating 
    • Description: Provide a general description of the folder 
    • Select a parent folder: Select the folder location. It will be Main folder by default but you may be able to choose another folder if you had created folders before. 
    • Access: Set the folder access settings 
  4. Hit Save. Now your folder is created. 

Uploading a file

GCconnex can store different types of content, including photos, documents, audio files, videos, PDFs and more. 

  1.  Click on the Upload a file button. 

    the upload a file button

  2.  Select between:

    • Single file to upload one file 
    • Multi file to upload several files at once
    • Zip file to upload a zipped file

      1. the file upload form
  3.  Click Browse to locate the file. 
  4.  Enter the Title. 
  5.  Enter the Description of the file. 
  6.  Enter Tags. They are optional but highly encouraged. 
  7.  Select a parent folder. This is where the file will be housed 
  8.  Set Access
  9.  Click Upload

Now your file has been uploaded in the folder specified. 

Uploading a video

It is important to note that the video size should not exceed 32MB. While GCconnex does not have video player functionality, users can upload video file types. 

Access Settings

You can adequately set the access you need for the files you upload.

  • Only me: Only you can see this content – no other GCconnex user can view this content
  • My Colleagues on GCconnex only: Only the GCconnex members you added as your colleagues on GCconnex can see this content
  • All public servants: Any public servant on the GC network can see this content, even if they are not logged in to GCconnex.

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